Superior Contracting: Reliable Commercial Snow Clearing in Winnipeg

At Winnipeg-based Superior Contracting, we're committed to providing superior snow clearing and lawn care services to our customers. Using high-quality equipment, we have offered general maintenance for commercial and residential properties since 1984. Our customers love doing business with us, which is why we get a lot of repeat business and referrals from them.

General Maintenance for Commercial Properties
Our dedicated and reliable team has several years of experience managing properties for a variety of large commercial companies. We manage all sorts of field acreages and yards, and we offer rough terrain cutting and vegetation control on vacant land as well. We stand behind our personalized and professional services, and we use the right equipment to complete all big and small jobs for mostly commercial and some residential customers.

Efficient Snow Clearing and Lawn Care Services
You can count on our snow clearing and lawn care experts for efficient and courteous services. Along with clearing sidewalks and parking areas, our services also include fence repair, curb maintenance, residential hauling, and more.
What's more, our licensed chemical applicators and arborists will assist you in getting rid of pests that eat away your valued plants, and will take good care of your trees for a great-looking lawn to impress friends and potential customers. Call or email us today for a free estimate on our general maintenance services.

  • Licensed chemical applicators
  • Licensed arborists

  • Snow clearing
  • Lawn care
Service Area: Winnipeg